Jun. 14th, 2006

candidevoltaire: (disbelief)
Like anyone who's too loose and fee with their affections email address, I receive spam.  Well, actually I have several email addresses that all Actually a pretty fair amount.  On an average week, my email provider's filter catches 500+ spam messages and lets through about 20 messages which I then have to personally deal with.  Thus I was more than a little shocked to find that in a little over 24 hours, my provider's filter had caught over 1000 new spam messages sent to me. 

More than a little curious, I looked and found out that they were all the same spam message from the same spammer using the same provider's poorly configured email server in the UK.  And when I was say poorly configured, I mean the thing let through thousands, if not tens of thousands of email messages, from one system (supposedly, if not actually, a DSL user) in mere minutes.  That's the sort of poor work on a server administrator that should result in firing, or at least a very public talking to.  My way of complaining was to report each and every piece of spam to the offending provider.  Serves them right for wasting my time.  I do also hope they actually catch the annoying bastage who sent the spam and can prosecute them in a country that actually punishes spammers.

It's things like this that make me think I should work as a systems server administrator.  Thankfully it only takes seconds for me to come to my senses and realise that it would be a much better hobby than a job!

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