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Based on the fact I keep seeing friends posting about their A/C problems, I'm beginning to think there's a conspiracy.  Thank goodness that it's down to 59 degrees Fahrenheit outside so I can have the windows open and run the risk of a home invasion but at least not die of heat while otherwise pretending I'm sleeping. Guess I inquire about getting my A/C fixed tomorrow when I'm also inquiring about just why there's tar paper still hanging just below my kitchen window outside my place.  There was a big to-do Monday morning about needing to immediately get into my kitchen to work on replacing this section of the outer (They were unclear) wall which has apparently being acting as a buffet for termites.  Cause there's rain coming!  So, on Monday there lots of banging noises and the like.  Then, later on Monday, I get a note on my door saying they'll be by on Tuesday at 9AM and coming into the kitchen again to work more.  No show all day.  Needless to say it rained today.  So, I'm really curious if management screwed up or if the workers did.  Most likely a combination of the two.  Ever since the woman who'd been managing my townhouse community for the past near-30 years retired, things have really gone down hill here.  In that sense, I'm very happy to be moving.

Which segues nicely to me trying to escape all the townhouse problems by driving up to Blacksburg for a Home Shopping Trip either today (Wednesday, since I'm a literalist about time) or tomorrow if I can't get any sleep tonight.  Except I still probably get to have fun with A/C since I forgot to get the car's unit recharged yet.  *sigh*  Anyway, with the way I'm feeling about things right now I might have a lease signed by the end of the week.  Heck, tomorrow even!  I also just hate knowing that come the end of June, I will be out on the street, figuratively speaking, unless I get a place RSN.  I actually figure I could find friends or family  to sponge off for a while, but I really need to have a place that's my home.  Kinda like the way most people need to breathe their own lungs to breathe.  Anyway, I hope that my desperation to have a place will not mean that I end up living in some Kafka-esque place where my roommates are giant cockroaches.  Though, admittedly that would be different from the big ants that wander around my current place and scoff at the exterminator.  And, if the A/C works and maintenance doesn't keep needing to come into my place at ridiculous times like before afternoon, it certainly could arguably be a step up for me.  I guess I shall see once I get there.

Anyway, if you live in Blacksburg and I know you, I may see you.  Otherwise, I may not.
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