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Since I got absolutely no sleep last night, I decided not driving up to Blacksburg was a good plan.  OTOH, I did manage to find some possibilities via Virginia Tech's Off-Campus Housing page as well as some other local property management webpages.

So, since I needed to do some comic book sorting, I did that.  Went through a few hundred issues.  Amazing how much of Terry Moore's "Strangers in Paradise", "Ghost" from Dark Horse Comics, and "The Dreaming" from Vertigo I have.  Not that I've bought anything new in years.  Two happy finds, since I think both are older than me. were my original run "Justice League of America" #7 [The last issue that sold for 10 cents] and DC Comics "The New Inferior 5" #10 whose cover shows some very (hint, hint) Marvelous characters who have just been knocked out by said title characters.  I think Inferior 5 is probably the silliest unlimited series that DC ever did.  Wish I had more than the one issue.

Anyway, I should collapse from exhaustion after going through a few more of the several more hundred comics I still need to sort through and thus be able to rest up enough to get my butt up to Blacksburg tomorrow.  I'd avoid driving by going by *bleck* bus, but Greyhound only goes to Roanoke these days, train service doesn't even come that close, and flying is as bad as bus but more expensive.  So, guess I better rest up tonight for the drive.  Whee.
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