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I no longer live in Raleigh.  To understate, I am not happy to leave Raleigh and North Carolina, where I've lived for over a decade now.  It's my home.  Tomorrow afternoon all my things will be on their way to Virginia.  After staying a few weeks at a friend's place, I will move into an, ugh, apartment in Blacksburg.  At least I will have a place to live.  Some day I will feel like I have a home again. I just wish it were already true.

Because of moving, I will likely not be available by computer until sometime this coming week. You can call my mobile and leave a message, if you know my mobile number. Don't expect a return call anytime soon, though. Moving, after all.
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I have rented in a real city for too long.  I want to move into a place in Blacksburg by 1 July.  Having done a day of a full-court press of searching by talking to realty management types and looking at classifieds and postings, I have been brought around to a simple truth.  For what I am looking to rent (allows my cat, has A/C, a guest bedroom, space not only in the place for friends to play games and hang out but to also be able to park vehicles and so on), I need to either sign a lease that begins in May or August.  Since I'm missing my TARDIS, May is right out.  So. it looks like August is the only real choice.  I will continue my hunt tomorrow and perhaps past then, but I think I don't see much of a choice at the moment.

Since I already gave notice that I would be out of my place by the end of the month (for complicated reasons), I'm looking at moving in with a parent for a month (Shatner's famous SNL line of "Move out of your parents' basements" springs to mind) and having to store my stuff until I have a new place I'm feeling pretty down about the whole thing.  Depressing doesn't even begin to cover it.  Try:  "Death of My Soul" or some otherwise over-inflated, self-pitying and whining statement.

But, wait, a bright spot!  A friend has offered me a room to rent in the Blacksburg for July.  Most importantly, I would be able to keep my cat with me.  I may not have the "Cats Not Kids" bumper sticker but I should.  I'd still the hassle of storing almost all my stuff and then re-moving it to a place that I presumably will find to rent starting August.  But unless something better shows up in the next few days it'll keep me from becoming ridiculously depressed, angsty, angry, and otherwise way stressed out.  Which would probably be a good thing.

Even better, since I woke up before 3AM this morning and never went back to sleep, I am becoming progressively more numb about my situation as sheer exhaustion takes its toll.  OK, maybe a teeny bit of sarcasm there, but exhaustion sometimes really can be a good thing.  Right now maybe it is.

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