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Obviously I was more exhausted than I thought.  Since my mind/body/whatever demands I get enough dreams when I actually do sleep, I woke up today at 3PM!  Yeesh.  Oh, well, at least it was dreaming and not nightmares.  The one right before I woke up had to do with figuring out which '70's-era terminal wires plugged into which connections so that users, including my dad, would be connected to the right mainframe.  Bizarre, yes, but oddly refreshing.

So, high-ho, high-ho, it's off to Blacksburg I go as soon as I finish playing with LiveJournal.  Two days of home-hunting missed out on and driving a twisty, mountain road in the dark.  Not a problem for me, but means the other drivers are more likely to be even more idiotic and/or dangerous.  Whee.  But that's life when moving from the big city to the small town.  At least I still get a day, maybe two, in of looking at places and dealing with the inanities that develop when people are used to renting to young college kids instead of actual adults.  OK, I admit to looking forward to the possible fun of dealing with places that don't seem to understand that Income and Employment are not synonymous terms.  I do so enjoy the expression of people who just don't understand simple concepts.

Well, we'll see what, if anything, comes out of all this.  Of course, my cat is being petulant about me leaving, as usual.  Wouldn't want this whole exercise to be any more fun than it already is.

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