Apr. 10th, 2006

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My 6-year-old monitor finally gave up today.  I've known it was coming.  It's been terminal for about a year.  But today it went from annoying and trying to just plain useless.  It decided to stop displaying along with staying powered on even when I pushed the power button.  Non-functional is too much, unlike before today when it was just being kind of weirdly artistic.

It had gone through its Red Period and its Green Period, but oddly never had a Blue Period (unlike Picasso).  During its Periods, it basically just applied a colour wash to the screen making it impossible to see.  I put up with this because:  a) it was kinda neat to know that the monitor's guns were whacky, b) it only happened randomly and for no more than 15 minutes, and c) I didn't want to have to do the research to find a new monitor, let alone pay for a new one.  So much for that.

Now I've given in to modern technology and have an LCD monitor.  More annoyingly, I have to figure out how to recycle a monitor since I know it's chock-full-o-poisons and can't just be thrown away.  Ah, well.
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Someone want to be nice to me and tell me where I can get some nice icons or pics or whatever so I can fill up all my available image slots and not look so non-graphical (Even if I do think that WWW is just jumped-up gopher and that ftp and telnet/ssh are all anyone needs for the net)? Thanks.

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