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As I famously once said:  "It's time to get out of Raleigh!"  Which I did in my usual last-minute, completely organised way for Memorial Day weekend.

Missed Sunday Cookout:  I tried to go to a friend's cookout on Sunday, but because of sleep wackiness and lack of a working time machine or teleporter to miss out on that which really sucked.

Mongolian Sunday Dinner Plans:  So, instead I decided to meet up with [ profile] ranchonmars, [ profile] gigaclon, Stef, and Shondra (of whom I really only know [ profile] ranchonmars) at the "Mongolian BBQ" "up in Radford" for dinner on Sunday.  Efforts to extract such useful info as the actual name and address of the place so I could get there met with failure.  Undaunted, I used both my deductive and inductive powers, coupled with the vast resources of the Internet, to figure it out for myself.  Yea, me!

Driving to  Sunday Dinner:  While I left late (per usual for me) for the 5 hour trip, my typical insane joy of driving US-220's tight curves and hills at an average of 70mph actually gave me time to kill prior to dinner.  So I made a short stop in Blacksburg to visit [ profile] cplpunishment to interrupt his studying for a while and otherwise have a nice visit.  ObWeirdness:  The song "Bilingual" (It played on the TV's Dance Music channel while I was visiting) suggests a way for me to solve my problem with learning a second language.  Paraphrasing its lyrics, I just need to have sex with the right person. Oookayyyy then.

Mongolian Sunday Dinner:  Amazingly I was not only on time but the first person there.  Proceeded to have some good Mongolian stir-fry, the kind of excellent wide-ranging dinner conversation I've been missing so much in my life recently, and otherwise have a good time.  All of which helped me realise that moving back to Blacksburg is probably a really good idea.  (If nothing else, I love making semi-obscure comments in public about knowing [ profile] ranchonmars many years ago [OK, the feeling old part isn't so cool] and seeing if they just sail over peoples' heads or not...)  Anyway, finished up dinner at about 8pm or so.

Driving after Sunday Dinner:  Given the late hour, the fact that I'm not a morning person, and that I had to be in Maryland the next day for [ profile] tzel's cookout, I got back on the road and headed north.  Shame I'm not a morning person or I could have skipped this step.  Instead I fought fatigue for 3 hours (total driving time for the day: 8 hours) and crashed in New Market and got away with paying only a little over *gasp* *wheeze* $100 for a room and breakfast the next morning.  But, considering how exhausted I was it was worth it.

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