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Hanging with [ profile] snidegrrl:  [ profile] snidegrrl was incredibly cool and kind to take off the day from work to spend time with me.  Started off the day by finding out that she had spontaneously produced a year-old baby during the night!  OK, so it was really her boss' baby who was so well-behaved and entertaining that it was fun to have her around.  I admit to a very brief moment of thinking it would be cool to have one before sanity reasserted itself.  [ profile] snidegrrl showed me a 1974 (I think) Genesis concert such that I'm now probably going to end up a raving Genesis loony, at least as far as the Peter Gabriel years.  Not only were their songs the kind with lyrics that actually tell a story, but Peter's costumes and theatricality really appealed to me since I grew up in theatre.  Need to work on getting a working time machine so I can actually attend their concerts (among other things)...

Anyway, I won't bore people more with us talking more about common passions, interests, and all that.  We finally realised lunch was a good idea and so, with me showing my usual decisiveness, went off to eat at Don Pablo's.  Our poor, incompetent waitress was on her third day so [ profile] snidegrrl had a bit of a challenge getting her food, but the waitress was so apologetic and obviously trying hard that I couldn't be upset with her.  During lunch we realised that if I was going to not end up parked on the Beltway driving home, I had to leave right afterwards.  So, after getting the bill mostly straightened out, we went back to her place, I grabbed my stuff and left firmly setting it in my head that I need to make sure to have a guest room a nice bed so I get to see [ profile] snidegrrl (and other distant friends) more often.

Driving Home:  Wasn't too bad.  Only had to completely stop on the Beltway and I-95 10 times and only for about 5 minutes altogether.  We'll just ignore the many more times we slowed down to under 20mph for no good reason.  I kept enviously looking over at the HOV lane.  To make a dangerous trip short, I managed to not crash the car from being exhausted (Been sleeping poorly for months so 2 good nights didn't really help much).  Driving I-85S was the biggest challenge since until about Butner, North Carolina all you see is your direction of the road with thick, tall pine trees on both sides of the road.  Fortunately I located one of my eclectic upbeat driving tapes that let me survive it.  After the 5 hours to get home (for a total of about 15 hours of driving in three days) and completely exhausted I still had trouble falling asleep!  But at least I dreamed well once I did.

Quick Summation:  I had a blast, enjoyed seeing everyone, wished I could have seen them more, and everyone helped me feel a lot better than I've been feeling.  Now for my next trick, I'll move to Blacksburg with no effort.  Heh.

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Date: 2006-06-01 02:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am so evil. EVIL!!!

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Date: 2006-06-02 09:48 pm (UTC)
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Yes, you are. This means I have to figure out how to trick out one of my bedrooms as a guest bedroom in my new place, or sped more money to get another bedroom to use as a guest bedroom! Joy.

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